Tuya Mini WiFi Controller

Tuya Mini WiFi Controller


Pair this Tuya Mini WiFi Controller with the free Tuya Smart app to achieve group control, scene control, timer control and music control and so on. It is compatible with voice control via Alexa Amazon, Google Assistant, and Yandex Alice.

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Tuya Mini WiFi Controller

Conveniently turn your lights on/off by using your smart device. Pair the Tuya Mini WiFi Controller with the free Tuya Smart app. The app allows for group control, scenes, timer, music control, and more. Adding the controller to the network gives you the ability to control your lights anytime and anywhere. Create a different mood with a simple voice command if you already have Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Yandex Alice.

This WiFi Controller comes in three different options: Single Colour (2-wire), RGB (4-wire), and RGBW (5-wire). Quick and easy to install with the built-in barrel connector input and pin connector output to the flex strips.

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Working temperature: -20-60-C
Static power consumption <1W Grayscale: 1024 levels
External dimension: L48’W26’H13 mm RF frequency: 2.4GHz
Button control: Yes
Output: Depends on
Supply voltage: DC12-24V
Connecting Mode: Common anode Speed stage: 100 levels
Net weight: 25g
RF distance: s20m
Memory function: Yes
PWM frequency: 1.95KHz
Max. Output power. 12V:<72W, 24V:<144W

CCT: 2 CHs
RGB: 3 CHs
CCT: 2″3A
RGBW: 4″1.5A

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