Solar Batten Light

Solar Batten Light

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Solar Batten Light comes with a built-in motion sensor, remote control to set activation, brightness and illumination time. Waterproof with a replaceable lithium battery.

Available in 12W, and 24W options.


  • Replaceable Battery
  • Solar Power
  • Waterproof IP65

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Solar Batten Light

This Solar Batten Light is very versatile. When lighting up a large or small space, indoors or out, you can choose how it is activated and how long it stays on for. Control it from a hand-held remote or turn it on and off with the hardwired switch included.

Your shed, parking lot, garage, temporary tent, or workshop can be a great work or living space without having to run additional wires and having to worry about power consumption.

You can also reduce the draw on the battery by selecting a power saving mode that runs the light for a select number of hours, operate it to a dimmed setting, or making use of the PIR motion sensor option. With as many operations and applications as this, you’ll be sure to find the perfect use for this solar batten light.

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Batten Light dimensions: 12W – 360 x 68 x 80mm (14.2 x 2.7 x 3.15 inches), 24W – 600 x 68 x 80 mm (23.6 x 2.7 x 3.15 inches)
Solar Panel dimensions: 12W – 360 x 68 x 80mm (14.2 x 2.7 x 3.15 inches), 24W – 552 x 68 x 80 mm (21.75 x 2.7 x 3.15 inches)
Lumen output: 12W – 1200 lumens, 24W – 2400 lumens; both at 6000K (cool white)
IP Rating: IP65
Lifespan: 50000 hours
Warranty: 2 Years

1 review for Solar Batten Light

  1. Tim

    I own 2 of these, recommended to neighbours – they highly recommend them also. Motion sensor feature is super effective for area / path lighting.

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