Single Zone CCT Remote

CCT Single Zone remote contro;

Single Zone CCT Remote



The VT-B204 CCT remote changes your colour changing LED lights from warm white to cool white light. Simple to use and easy to set up.This remote control pairs with VT-B254 CCT Controller (CTR510).

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Single Zone CCT Remote Control

The VT-B204 colour changing temperature (CCT) remote allows you to change your LED lights through 7 fixed colour temperatures. You have to use our VT-B254 controller to communicate with this remote. Pairing up the controller and remote is very simple. Use this easy to operate the remote control to customize the lights in your space, depending on the mood you want to create or the type of task at hand. Need a brighter light for reading? Change your warm ambient light to a more brilliant, more natural daylight light to read. Want to have the option to leave the room and have the lights shut off once you exit? Use the auto-off function to achieve this effect.

To better understand the features of this remote or get help designing your system, give us a call at 1-800-677-2698. We are here to help.

7 Colour Temperatures
Memory Function
Auto-off Function

Controller size: 125 x 35 x 10 mm
Application: Used with colour changing temperature remote control to alternate between warm and cool white light
Battery: CR2032
Radio Frequency: 2.4G
Pairs with: VT-B254 CCT Controller (CTR510)

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