RGB IC Digital Flex

RGB IC Digital Flex


RGB IC (integrated circuit) Digital flex gives you the ultimate in flexibility of lighting design. Each RGB chip is individually addressable using one of our digital controllers. This gives you over 150 pre-programmed lighting designs, or you can create your own. Pair with a digital music controller and watch what happens. Pure magic. Is it time to go digital??!!

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RGB IC Digital Flex-strip light can support the most demanding applications. It can create thousands of effects, including chasing, fades, scrolls, bursts, and many more. The digital pixel LED strip uses built-in TX1818B IC chips. On standard digital flex, the IC takes up space on the PCB. This design does not allow the diodes to be very close together and limits how the strip can function. Our IC Digital flex uses a new chip, TX1818B, embedded in the diode. Now the diodes can be much closer together.

Why does it matter?

The advantage is there are now 60 addressable IC chips per metre. The ability to address each chip gives a much more vibrant, active display. Most other digital flex is only addressable every three chips. It is also cuttable at every LED so you can cut to the perfect length. Also, the RGB IC Digital Flex supports continuous breakpoint transmission, so if one LED chip fails, all the others will continue to work. It is available in both indoor rated IP43 or outdoor rates, IP67.

If you have not worked with digital flex before, we are glad to help you put your project together. The requirements and the layout are different than regular non-IC RGB/RGBW flex. Be sure to take a look at our selection of Digital Controllers to go with this digital flex.

Here is a helpful hint. If you want some spectacular lights for your Christmas tree, combine digital flex with a digital music controller. Your Christmas will never be the same!


Chip Type: SMD 5060
Quantity: 5M (16.4 ft)
Pixels per Metre: 60 (300/5M rell)
Colour: RGB
Density:60 LEDs/m
Width: 8mm
Input Voltage: 12VDC
Power Consumption: Max 10.8watt / m
8mm wide PCB with 2 ounces double copper PCB (3.3 watts/ft)
Waterproof: IP43 Indoor, IP67 Outdoor




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