RGB controller with Remote

RGB controller with Remote


RGB Mini Controller with 21 dynamic modes and 20 static modes. Supplied with a four pin to solderless RGB connector for easy installation to RGB flex strips.

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RGB Controller with Remote

Some small jobs need the perfect small controller to match

This ultra-slim RF RGB Controller with Remote is perfect for those tidy installs. It works with 5-24V DC RGB Flex strips. The controller installs inline between the power source and the lights. The package includes one four-pin solderless RGB connector for easy attachment to the flex strip. The controller can detect the remote signal up to 15m away. No need to have the remote pointed at a sensor on the controller module.

There is a lot packed into this very mini kit. You have control of 22 dynamic modes, including flash and fade with the mode key, 5 brightness levels, and 20 static colours. The demo button defaults to different modes on repeat to showcase the colour potential.

The small size limits the capacity to 2 amperes per channel of under constant power and 4 amperes if it is used intermittently ( peak levels).

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Supply Voltage: 5-24V DC
Connection mode: Common Anode
Controller Dimension: L35.0 x W15.0 x H4.5mm
Output: 3 Channels
Output Current: <2A per channel (constant) ; <4A per channel (peak)
Output Power: 5V< 30W, 12V <72W, 24V <144W (constant); 5V< 60W, 12V <144W, 24V < 288W (peak)
Remote Frequency: 433.92MHz


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