RGB COB 24V Indoor Flex Strip

RGB COB 24V Indoor Flex Strip


Time to add some colour to your home or office? This RGB COB flex is easy to install, dot-less, and operated by either Bluetooth, WiFi, or RF controllers. You can view our selection of RGB controllers here.

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RGB COB 24V Indoor Flex Strip – 10m

Create linear, continuous, dotless lighting with this RGB COB 24V Indoor Flex Strip. The RGB COB strips provide soothing multi colour lighting for use in any indoor application. RGB lights can add that extra touch to your entertainment center, cove lighting, under the toe kick of your kitchen cabinets. Also, use it for up-lighting, creating a dramatic effect in your home or business.

Connect your lights to one of our RGB Controllers for total control over the light colour, brightness, fade speed and pre-programmed light effects. The RGB COB flex strips produce seven static colours, and when combined, create millions of colours.

Each roll of flex strip has a white PCB that blends easily into many applications. Secure the flex strip with the pre-applied 3M double-sided tape. Each reel comes with one lead soldered from the factory. If you cut the flex, you will need to solder on additional leads. There are no quick solderless connectors compatible with this product yet.

Typical applications are cove lighting, border or perimeter lighting. Also suitable for use under your cabinets, in closets and display cabinets.

This tape can be cut along the visible cut line, allowing you to customize your lengths. Inexpensive to operate and environmentally safe LEDs contain no mercury and produce zero UV.

This product is available in IP20 indoor only

Available in 10m reels only.

24V DC

Strip length: 10 Meters (32.8′)
Cuttable: every 55.5mm
Maximum Linear Length: 10m installed
PCB Colour: White
Width: 12mm
Depth: 2 mm
Watts: 15W/m (4.5W/ft)
Lumens: 500-600/m
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Input Voltage: 24V DC
Mounting: 3M 200MP Double Sided Tape
Finish: Indoor Use Only, non coated, White PCB
UV/IR Radiation: None
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours

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