Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Light Kit

Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Light Kit

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Add light anywhere you want it with hands-free motion-activation, and no wiring required. This kit gives you the freedom to add light to dark cupboards, closets, nooks, under furniture or cabinets alike. The one-meter length of white moisture-proof flex turns on when there is movement. Installation is easy using the 3M backing and magnetic back.  To charge up the battery, simply disconnect the controller pack and plug it into a USB adaptor or port using the included cable.

Available in 3000K warm white, and 4000K natural white.

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Rechargeable Wireless Motion Sensor Light Kit

Plug and Play Kit: Wireless Flex Tape with Rechargeable Battery and Motion Sensor Activation

Use this rechargeable wireless motion sensor light kit to light up those dark corners and spaces around your home. Perfect for closets, cabinets or display units. Use under the bed, cabinets, stairs or shelves. Wrap around a mirror or light up a toe-kick. With this rechargeable motion sensor, you can now have light where you cannot get power. The motion sensor is adjustable to activate all the time or just at night. There is even an off switch if you choose to not use the light.

The sensor is mounted using a magnet (included in the kit) and is easily removed for charging. The included USB cable will give the sensor a full charge in about 3 hours. The sensor lights red while charging and turns blue to indicate charging is complete. Plug into any USB charger or your computer to charge.

Take a look around your house, boat or RV and imagine light where you could never have it before. Now available in either 3000K, warm white or 4000K, natural white.

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LED Flex Tape:
LEDs: 30 – 3528 SMD LEDs per meter
Length: One meter (39.5″)
Voltage: 5V DC
Watts: 2.4W
Light output: 155 Lumens
Light Spread: 120 degree
Colour: Warm White 3000K or Natural White 4000K
Size: 8mm silcone wrapped moisture-proof flex
Backing for Installation: 3M Tape
Dimmable: NO
Cut line every LED chip

Sensor Controller with Battery:
Size: 57X40X30mm, 2.2X1.6X1.2 inches
Input: 5V DC
Output: 3.5V DC Constant Voltage
Type of Battery: Rechargable Lithium
Capacity: 1100mAh
Working Time: >3 hours
Sensor Eye: Photocell to sense light and dark and Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to sense motion of objects that emit more heat than the surrounding environment
PIR Sensor Range: 115 degree Sensor Distance 2-5 meters
Installation: Magnetic 3M Disk to apply to surface of choice to attach to magnetic sensor box


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