Outdoor RGB LED Flex

Outdoor RGB LED Flex


This weatherproof, outdoor rated RGB flex strip enables you to make any colour you wish. Intended for outdoor use. Has a silicone sleeve to protect the flex strip. The silicone sleeve offers a 3M backing making installation quick and easy.

Now available in 5 meter and 10 meter lengths.


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Outdoor RGB LED Flex

Enhance your outdoor living space by using the outdoor RGB LED flex as accent lighting. Add colour for the holidays or special events. Enjoy a bold red, blue or green around the perimeter of your deck or outdoor eating space. Maybe guide new visitors safely up the steps of your front entrance with an enticing shade of green. Also great to add interest to rock walls or garden beds with your own choice of colour.

With a CRI over 90, the colours appear vibrant and crisp.


Secure the flex strip with the pre-applied 3M double-sided tape when it is in a low-traffic area less exposed to precipitation. Use the optional Aluminum Profiles to mount the flex securely during installation. When making multiple lengths from the 5 meter reel, each strip requires a lead; either by soldering or with solderless connectors coming soon!

If you cut the waterproof flex, the silicone sleeve must be resealed to keep its weatherproof rating.

Common applications are above rock walls, under the nose of deck steps or across ceiling rafters. The tape can be cut along the visible cut line, allowing you to customize your lengths. Environmentally safe LEDs contain no mercury and produce zero UV. This product is waterproof IP67 and suitable for use indoor and outdoor applications.

The Outdoor RGB flex strip requires additional components to operate. First, it needs an appropriately sized LED Driver, calculated by the total wattage of the entire installation. Second, install a controller to support the total length of flex. Choose a controller with the function to match how you want to operate your lights. The flex is 2.5 watts per foot.

If you need assistance in sizing the correct driver, please call us at 1-800-677-2698, or email us at info@ledlightscanada.com. We are here to help.

flex Install diagram

LEDs: 30 per meter
Roll: 5m (16.4′), 10m (32.8′)
Type: 150 – RGB 5050 SMD LEDs / roll
CRI: >90
Voltage: 12 Volt DC Constant Voltage
Watts: 7.2 watts per Meter ( 2.2 watts per foot)
PCB Colour: White
Size: 12mm wide X 5mm high
Cutline every 3 LEDs: 10 cm apart
Application: Double Sided 3M tape on the silicone sleeve with optional clips and screws
Light Spread: 120 degrees
Dimmable: YES
Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
Outdoor Use- IP67 Rated
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