Indoor RGB Flex Strip

Indoor RGB Flex Strip


Time to add some colour to your home or office? This RGB flex is easy to install, uses only 2.5w/foot and operated by either a Bluetooth, WiFi or RF controllers. You can see our selection of RGB controllers here.

Available in 5 meter and 20 meter reels. For indoor use only.

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Indoor RGB Flex Strip

Using only 2.5 watts per foot, this Indoor RGB Flex Strip comes in 5M (16.4′) and 20M (65.5′) meter lengths. It is cuttable every 3 LEDs to trim to the perfect size. The maximum linear length before encountering a voltage drop is 30 feet. The thirty 5050 LEDs per metre provide soothing multi colour lighting for use in any indoor application.

RGB lights can add that extra touch to your entertainment center, cove lighting, under the toe kick of your kitchen cabinets. You can use it for up-lighting, creating a dramatic effect in your home or business. RGB is also often used on the back of a TV to create a halo effect.

Connect your lights to one of our RGB Controllers for total control over the light colour, brightness, fade speed and pre-programmed light effects. The SMD 5050 Triple Chip produces seven static colours, which mix to create millions of colours.

The pre-applied 3M 200MP adhesive tape allows for simple peel and stick installation. Solderless RGB connectors are available for adding leads, making turns and splicing the RGB Flex. Setup does not get any easier than this. To use RGB Flex, you will need the flex strip, a controller, and an appropriately sized 12V DC constant voltage LED Driver.  This RGB flex IP20 rated is for indoor use only.

Canadian support is available both before and after the sale. We will assist you in layout and design as well as provide tech support for any product you purchase from us. Call us Toll Free at 800-677-2698 or email We are here to help.

Strip length: 5 Meters (16.4′) or 20 Meters (65.6′)
Cuttable: every 3 LEDs
Maximum Linear Length: 30 feet installed
PCB Colour: White
Width: 10 mm
Depth: 2 mm
LEDs per Meter: 30
Watts: 7.2W / m
Chip Type: RGB Triple Chip 5050 SMD
Lumens: 280-300/m
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Mounting: 3M 200MP Double Sided Tape
Finish: Indoor Use Only, non coated, White PCB
UV/IR Radiation: None
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours


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