CCT Solderless Corner Connector

CCT Corner Connector
CCT Corner Connector
CCT Compression Corner connector

CCT Solderless Corner Connector


Corner connector for CCT Flex Strip Lights. Easy connector eliminates soldering!

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CCT Solderless Corner Connector

Our CCT solderless corner connectors will allow you to join two lengths of CCT strip around a corner with no soldering.

CCT lights have 3 wires:CC

  • One is the V+ common
  • One feeds the warm white half of the 5050 LED
  • The third feeds the cool white half of the LED.

CCT Flex strip has a 10mm width.

Installation of one of these connectors is simple. Make sure the lead edge side of the terminal, with the contact points, is facing up (looking straight on you will see the slot for the edge of the flex strip). Once you have determined the correct orientation, just pull the black collar out, slide the flex into the connector and press the collar back down.

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Sizes: 10mm
Wire Length: 15cm
Type: solderless connection
Use for: 3 wire CCT Flex Strip


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