6 Zone CCT Controller

CCT 6 zone controller

6 Zone CCT Controller



The VT-B252 controller is used to add additional zones to your 6-zone CCT remote. Easily pairs with the remote to create your custom CCT zoned lighting system.

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6 Zone CCT Controller

This CCT controller is used to add additional light zones to the VT-B202 6- zone remote.  As add additional light zones, you simply add a new controller to pair with each new zone. You can add more than one controller to a zone. You set one to be the master unit and one to be the slave unit. When paired, all lights paired to the zone master will operate together.

If adding just one controller to a zone, it will be considered the master. A 12V DC CV (constant voltage) led driver powers these controllers. It is possible to run low voltage wire from one power supply to several different zones so you can power all the controllers from one power source. If you cannot feed each zone from one led driver, you would use a smaller driver sized to the correct wattage for each zone. The controller has built-in current protection, built-in temperature protection and short circuit protection.

We are glad to help you design your CCT (colour changing temperature) lighting system and help determine what items you will need.

Controller size: 6.75 x 1.75 x .75 in
5A x 4 Channel
Max Load: 12V-240W, 24V-480W
Application: Used with CCT 6 Zone remote to add zones
Input: 12-32V DC

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